Testimonials of Our Happy Clients

Shalini Martin
I contracted Lyme after a tick bite in May. I cannot take the antibiotics that doctors in their ignorance seem to think will cure this disease. They will cure if taken within 72 hrs of the bite but after that…forgetabouit! I stumbled upon this product purely by accident while spending months searching for anything that would help fight the Lyme which also activated Epstein Barr. My symptoms had progressed steadily for 4 months before starting Natural Herbal Gardens and all I can say is WOW! This stopped the progression dead in its tracks! I also started Lomatium throat spray for the sore throat and head symptoms and that with Natural Herbal Gardens tea completely knocked out the EVB!!
Thank God for leading me to these products! I have my life back. I now know first hand how nature trumps big pharma any day of the week. Drs….go back to school and learn what real natural medicine can accomplish against stealth bugs and viruses and put peoples health before Pharma’s almighty $$$ !!!

Joan Rhodamer
I just want to say that I have been very impressed and pleased with the results from using Your Herbal Tea to fight unwanted viruses/bacteria. I had a serious health problem and the Natural Herbal Gardens herbal tea was a God send. It gave me my life back. I had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and by adding the Biofibrin with the Herbal Tea I’m a new woman. Thank you Natural Herbal Gardens for your wonderful products. Kate

Tamara Salie
I was bitten by lyme infected ticks twice in 1980 and 1981. I remember so well for I have been bitten many times throughout my life but never experienced the red swollen rings and flu like symptoms alone with painful movement of the bite site that I experienced in 1980 and 1981. In Sonoma County no one knew anything about lyme disease so I went untreated until my health declined to such a degree in 2006. The lyme and coinfection bacteria had infiltrated my entire body. I was so ill that I was in a wheel chair, grand mall seizers, heart problems, mental confusions, digestive organ damage and lost all my hair.
The traditional doctors did not know how to help. They gave me traditional medication, surgeries, and pain medications. Nothing helped and I was slowly dying. I finally found alternative doctors who were able to do the proper blood test which diagnosed me with several tick-born diseases. I was given many different types of antibiotics, a pick line in my vain and got daily antibiotics for 3 months. I got better but these doctors did not have anything more to give me other than traditional antibiotics. As long as I was taking the medication, I felt better and encouraged.
My alternative doctor knew that the several tick born bacteria were hiding behind layers biofilms and cysts. He gave me antibiotics to kill the biofilm but it had limited results. My alternative doctor raised his rates beyond my ability to pay so I started to do research on my own and found Natural Herbal Gardens.
I ordered the three products that were recommend to treat tick-born diseases – The Ultimate Monolaurin, Bio-Fibrin, and Body Detox. I found that the painful die off symptoms were stronger than the strongest antibiotic treatment I have ever been on. I had to slowly increase the dosage for I had such a high bacteria load. I had such a serious case of Lyme Disease and 3 other coinfections for so many years that I have to been on the 3 part PPT-Health products for much longer than (normal).
I have gotten so much better during the year I have been taking Monolaurin, Bio-Fibrin, and Body Detox that I actually feel like I can have a life filled with hope. I am able to do things like taking a walk, swim, enjoy camping trips, and taking vacations with friends that I have not been able to do for the prior 15 plus years. I do not have to take any narcotics for pain. I am still sick but so much better and I am still taking the products. I intend to stay on these products as long as I have to in order to continue to improve my health and more important my quality of life. The best part is I no longer have to pay the outrageous doctor office fees for treatments that were not working.
I have recommended these products to many people suffering from tick born disease and they are all improving and extremely happy with the products. These products are helping us to get better and most importantly improving our quality of life.
I strongly recommend these products to anyone who is suffering from Lyme Disease and other tick born disease for they are amazing and worth every penny. When you start taking the products increase slowly for the products are powerful and the bacteria die off is painful. Keep taking the products even though you may be feeling better for tick born bacteria are very invasive living in layers of biofilm and cyst. It takes a long time to beat down the layers of disease throughout your body.
I hope I have been helpful to those who are suffering with Lyme Disease and tick born coinfection bacteria. These bacteria are so destructive to our body and our immune system rendering us dreadfully sick. I am so happy that I found Natural Herbal Gardens and am finding such success with these products. Tamera CA.

Michelle Hyland
I have been using your three products for Lyme Disease for a little over a month. I must say, they are working. My neuropathy returned full blown after starting the higher dose of biofibrin. Now a couple of weeks later, it is almost gone again.Thank you. Dr. Wicks

Rebecca Taran
I was misdiagnosed for 15 years with fibromyalgia and cfs/me when I really had lyme disease. I now have heart complications from lyme. I had to do antibiotics which are really hard on my body. After adding this to my protocol it has allowed me to be able to reduce the antibiotics after a point and get much more die off without as much neurotoxin effect.
As far as I am concerned this is a miracle supplement that probably many people need and don’t realize it. It has really reduced my pain level.

Trina Deer
I have found a local treasure! I was suffering with HIV for months. During my initial visit with The Natural Herbal Garden, they took the time to get to know my entire medical history. Afterwards, they formulated a plan and a herbal tincture specifically for me. My Sores of the mouth, anus, or genitals. are now eliminated! They also gave me a herbal tea for me to help my digestive system heal after be diagnosed as Celiac. The Natural Herbal Garden is a very helpful, caring professional

Nelda Buss
diagnosed 1983 at age 43. My ALS progression was very fast.i was in a wheelchair unable to move within a year. i used a pencil in my mouth to type on the typewriter, one letter at a time. After trying a number of alternative therapies unsuccessfully, i read an article about The Natural Herbal Garden. My husband and son contacted them for the treatments. i slowly improved over 8 weeks. Now in my 70’s i cook, gardens, chops wood and enjoys my grandchildren.

Butch Machlan
diagnosed 2008. i was diagnosed with familial ALS, almost 2 years after symptoms started. my mother died after an 8 year battle with ALS, 4 years after her diagnosis so i was very familiar with the disease. my disease progressed at almost the same rate as my mother’s until several months after i i found out about The Natural Herbal Garden. my symptoms have improved significantly and i'm now stable in my late 60’s.

Lucy Connelly
I have been taking the herbal tea for 1 month now, they have helped me with my HIV/AIDS, and helped me with my sinus problem so much. I'm very happy that a good friend of mine referred them to me. they are such a nice person's, easy to talk to and knows exactly what herbs to mix for your needs I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with any health issues.
Joyce Brown
I was having trouble swallowing, frequently choked, could barely speak, and my walking was deteriorating daily. my neurologist gave me 6 months to live. i found a THE Natural Herbal Garden, a very skilled homeopath. To heal, i used prayer, the herbal formula i got from your clinic. i am doing perfectly well now. Thank you.

Eugenio Diaz
My wife, Maryvic Diaz, was cured from her Parkinson's and sinusitis with the help of The Natural Herbal Garden. My wife’s condition had been a burden with our finances due to expensive medicines and to our daily lives because she cannot move or work properly due to her Parkinson's. With the help of Health Herbal, her condition improved until now. We saved money from expensive medications and now we are earning money

Nancy, Naples
I am writing this to thank you for your product (The Natural Herbal Garden) I was diagnosed with ALS. At a recent visit to my doctor discussing this his nurse recommended your tea. She said that she and her husband have been using your tea and were satisfied with the results. I have also have other family members and friends using your tea as well. I also find the insert pamphlet very helpful with gaining information about the tea and how to get in touch with you to reorder. Again, thank you for your product."

Derek Erickson
I was having some health challenges before I was diagnosed at age 45 with ALS ,saw an article online about the ALS herbal formula and decided to give it a try as i had nothing to loose, I am thankful to nature i did. my ALS symptoms has completely disappeared. my family are amazed with my rapid recovery. I truly feel better now.

Susi Annon
I was suffering from Parkinson's since 7 years & life had become disastrous for me.75 % of my body was covered by Tremors.After taking herb at The Natural Herbal Garden under supervision of Dr. Mitchelle I started getting results within 8 weeks .Treatment went very well and tremors are gone. God bless

Theresa Colenan
i was diagnosed 2011. i was diagnosed with the bulbar form of ALS and was given one year to live. My symptoms progressed quickly. Soon i was having difficulty breathing, swallowing and even walking short distances. With the help of The Natural Herbal Garden natural herbs I have been able to reverse my symptoms using diet, herbs, which i feel has made the most difference. I'm now playing golf again. and i turned 69 today. i am glad to get my life back

Belinda Brian
I would highly recommend The Natural Herbal Garden for all your health problems. The Natural Herbal Garden is an excellent practitioner and there product turned my Parkinson's disease around. am so happy to report that I had absolutely no reaction at the result very quite satisfactory. I still cant believe I have finally found something that totally works Thank you so much

Michelle Bradley
"My Parkinson's disease symptoms have declined over a 4 week period of the Parkinson's disease(PD) herbal formula usage. I have my fingers crossed that all symptoms will go away. The last symptom, an occasional tremor in my lower jaw at bedtime is almost gone. I am 69 and also do walking on a treadmill at 2 mph for 40 minutes every 2nd day"

Rose Grasso
"Hi The Natural Herbal Garden I was in your office last 2 month for my wife's Parkinson's disease and dementia condition, she has improved greatly since she started on your treatment. You have touched so many people in ways you don't know about. Please keep up your great work and may Jehovah bless you and keep you ! Thank you again."

Giuseppe Orizzonte 
I was suffering from P.D since many years . I tried many drugs but at last become dependent on Siferol Due to weakness I found that life was just sinking & their was no way of hope . Then I consulted at The Natural Herbal Garden things started to change , My symptoms started to decrease & very soon I become healthy man again .Life is totally different now . No drug dependency. Quality of life is much much better , No problem with my intestines ,right foot shaking, nothing everything has gone. God bless you.

Charlse Rice
My mother is taking the herb tea for Lou Gehrig's disease, which is almost in remission. Her Neurologist asked her what she has been doing and she told him about the tea. He said to continue because it's working. 

Helen Anthony
"I was about to pay $12,000 USD for a stem cell therapy in Arizona because I just wanted this nightmare to be over. Before i did, my doctor told me to try The Natural Herbal Garden COPD/Emphysema herbal formula, that day I went home and ordered the herbal formula. The customer service people were amazing, first of all ,they answered all my questions and concerns (because i have never ordered anything online). When I was satisfied I placed the order. The package showed up quickly and my recovery started. I was BLOWN AWAY by how effective the herbal formula was. Simply blown away!. Do yourself a favor and trust this product. It worked for me, it's worked for others, it could very well work for you.. my breath is back!"

Margaret Thodd
I was Suffering from sciatica pain & went through all the remedies available in U.S but in vain . Due to pain I got so much bed ridden that I lost my job also. Then I approached The Natural Herbal Garden . Dr. Mitchell I want to Thanks you for your care with my sciatic pain / disc problems . The American doctors were only able to " medicate " me , while your herbal "healed " me Due to your efforts I was I am able to get back to work.

Nicole Vinord
I was suffering from eczema since many years & always with it the condition was terrible . In spite of taking all the therapies condition just worsen up & their was no hope that it will get cured . Then I contacted The Natural Herbal Garden & started herbs & diet management under the supervision of doctor . At last my written has improved , allergic reaction have subsided . the disease is totally reversed . Parkinson's disease is cured.

Sue Collins
I have some good news. The ALS that I had told you about is totally gone since I have been taking the Herb Tea and in just six and a half weeks!!! Thank you so much. I take the Herb Tea two times a day You don't know how relieved I am!! Again, thank you , thank you, thank you. God Bless You

Leslie Mason
My husband drank the health herbal tea 3 times a day for 6 weeks as he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. It totally cured him and we have told so many people about it 

Amy Fields
Dear The Natural Herbal Garden I spoke with you several years back regarding a friend diagnosed with liver cancer. You told me to tell her not to panic and buy into the Western allopathic hype. I am happy to say she is fine to this day. They tell her the chemo did wonders. She never had chemo, only your advice and supplements, the largest of which was Herb Tea herb

Gloria Allen
Dear Natural Herbal Garden. My Mom is 72 and my dad is 81 they are very healthy but I started them on the The herbal tea,once a day and they feel the difference already, they have taken the tea for 5 days now and they have so much energy. 

Yael Steph
I called you last June telling you about my son, he had been diagnosed HIV+. We started him on the herbal formula . I had him to take the herb for one month. His viral load went from 45,000 to below 400. Anything under 400 is undetectable. We know he is not cured (yet) but he is doing very well. Thank you for all the work you do and may God bless you a thousand times over for what you have done for my family. The Herbology course I took has changed the way we look at life as well as our health.

Janice Miller
I had a call from a good friend yesterday. Her 85 year old father had Parkinson's disease. Doctors said they would not treat because of his age, health. He was given The Natural Herbal Garden herbal formula over seven weeks period, he now has no sign of PD--total remission. Doctors mystified, of course. My friend is one of several referrals I have made to The Natural Herbal Garden, over time. 

Eric Asare
I am Eric Asare from Nkwatia-Kwahu in Ghana. I have been falling sick now and then throughout my childhood. I was diagnosed of hebatitis B at Kwahu Tafo Health centre and Atibie Government Hospital all in the Eastern region of Ghana. Two of my siblings died of the same problem some years back. I lived in fear because I thought it would be my turn soon. After a 8 weeks treatment at The Natural Herbal Garden, I never had the crisis any more. 6 weeks later, I could run and do what previously could put me in serious danger. After 4 months, I was taken to a laboratory elsewhere in Nkawkaw- a larger town in the area for screening, which read negative. I was shocked because I had always been told that it has no cure.It's amazing. I thank God for this opportunity.All my fears are now history.

R.K., Talent
“We have referred many patients to The Natural Herbal Garden and have seen many positive results, particularly for patients dealing with Parkinson's disease. Dr Michelle is friendly, caring and knowledgeable practitioners who have treated us with the utmost care, concern and professionalism!”

A, Lincolnshire
“Having suffered with PD and irregular periods for the past 20 years I very much hoped that seeing a Herbalist would be able to help me, but was not 100% certain it would. I need not have worried, within the first month of taking the herbs my periods became regular and each month the Parkinson's symtoms disappeared. I would have no hesitation in recommending health herbal, they are very professional and caring and will help you until the problem is solved.”

Ann, Coventry
I approached The Natural Herbal Garden for help with an issue that I had tried for years to address. Parkinson's disease plagued me and affected my self esteem. health herbal clinic worked with me and over the next weeks and months providing me with a medicine specific to my needs. The progress was incredible and I have never looked back. Over time I have sought help from The Natural Herbal Garden to help overcome anxiety and they have got my menopause symptoms under control. As a family we always turn to The Natural Herbal Garden for help and support whenever we have the need to. they are so knowledgeable, caring and thorough - a true professional and has made a huge difference to my life.”

Michelle Rice
My daughter, Judy, 38 yr old mother of two, had two lumps on her thyroid. I started her on the herbal medicine we purchased from The Natural Herbal Garden, and a lot of prayer and positive thinking. A month later she went in for a biopsy, The lab tech decided to do another ultrasound before the painful procedure, after the ultrasound he said "there must have been a mistake,because both the lumps had got significantly smaller since the first ultrasound, so she didn't even have to have a biopsy, and doesn't even have to go back for 6 months

Annabelle Daniels
Circulation Plus Powder has brought my husbands cholesterol readings down to make his cardio doctor happy without the use of statin (toxic) drugs. Good product!

Dickson Coker
Thanks to my father who informed me about this web page, this website is genuinely remarkable.

Olivia Dwayne
without surgery i survived from fibromyalgla it is with your help sir, your herbs are inestimable, and your services are very good, and swift. sir i just remembered the very first day i contacted you they way i was very scared because you are very far away from me, but you build my hope and courage, and i follow your words, and today i can testify just as others are also testifying. sir i will tell the world about this you have done for me. may you live long sir just as you have used your herbs to sustain my life, i still cant believe i am cured, but it is the fact that now i am cured WOW i am happy sir. i will continue to call you sir to say thanks to you.

Donald F.
I have tried everything for Parkinson's The only other thing that helped a little was coconut oil. But The Natural Herbal Garden has helped with symptoms a little, and my symptoms have greatly increased in 2 MONTHS! My doctor even lowered my Sinemet dosage. She said it is the first time she has ever done that for a patient. wonderful group!!

Vivien Blum
Five weeks into taking the herbal formula and I am seeing some profound changes. I started noticing that I was not as tired as often after about 3 weeks. My tremors are a little less. My wife says I am more fun to be around, so I have to list that as a plus. I would recommend trying it and at least try it for 6 or 8 weeks. I am still seeing some improvements after five weeks. I am sleeping better and I feel as though I have better balance. Parkinson's really affected my singing a few years a go. I just lost my strength. But I am feeling that come back as well. I still have to take Sinemet, but my dosages last longer. This is a cure, after reviewing the journal articles and my results, it is obvious something is better about my dopamine brain cells. I am not sure exactly how it works, but I understand the basics. This is certainly helping in dealing with the cause of Parkinson's in great way, so it gives me hope that I am going to be cured as well. I am 49 and I have had Parkinson's for at least 4 years.

Darren Sudbury
My wife and I started health herbal about 2 months ago and have been delighted with the results so far. We are both in our early fifties and have always been fairly healthy and active. So far the results are: Much lower incidence of snoring Improved liver function (I know because alcohol affects me less now) Better sleep quality Much improved sexual function Improved muscle tone Improved posture Rarely get sick and the most incredible of all - we have both grown over 1cm. How do I know? By coincidence we measured our heights a month before starting health herbal and decided to measure our heights just recently and discovered we had grown! This probably indicates spinal disc regeneration.
Any one who does not use this natural herb is an absolute fool considering it's cheap. I tell friends and acquaintances about its benefits but I mostly get strange stares like I'm mad. I know who the mad ones are! Thanks for putting this information out there, it's a life-changer!

Joyce Brooks
My husband drank the herb tea 3 times a day for 1 month as he was diagnosed with Hepitatis B. It totally cured him and we have told so many people about it.

Joan McBridge
The Natural Herbal Garden thank you so much for making my life so much better. Since starting your protocol my tremors have been improved, but even more impressive to me is just how much better I feel. I find myself happier and mentally sharper

Barbara Medve
"For years, I was plagued by chronic yeast infections, including but not limited to: rashes, weight gain, insomnia, acne, constipation, chronic fatigue, depression, sensitivity to chemicals, you name it. After following your program, I had made a significant progress. My thrush, acne and rashes had vanished. My skin had almost completely cleared up. I hadn’t looked that good in 15 years. I felt rejuvenated, energized, happier and so much healthier.

Phimziwe Khona
You guys are doing a great job! I now have two friends on 4-Herb Tea with cancer and their cancer count is so-o-o-o low the doctors can't believe it.

Oscar Belleri
We received the Parkinson's disease herbs, my father has commenced usage and is feeling alot better now thank you

Heather Micheal
Dear Natural Herbal Garden, . Almost six years ago my son had Asthma and he has been on the Herb Bulk tea since then. Thanks to the Good Lord and he is 23 yrs old now and and no more asthma. 

Sharon Leon
My Daddy is taking medicine since October 2016. He is progressing very well by the grace of God and obviously with the help of your medication. His speech is improved, walk is also improved, and falling is reduced to great extent, Thank you very much for your help.

Powell Stephan
Thank y'all for your support and patience, i concluded the hepatitis b herbal remedy usage last week, i did another diagnosis test and was confirmed negative! its not just unbelievable, its shocking, my chronic hepatitis b is gone!.. thank y'all so so much

James McCarthy
I also used the emphysema herbal remedy, i did another x-ray my doctor could not believe it, thank you The Natural Herbal Garden

Salah Kasmir
I am Salah from India sir, i was diagnosed of hepatitis b last 3 years, hbsag positive hbeag 0.04, after using the hepatitis b medicine i was tested negative, i am very happy. thank you
​ ​ 
Andrew Rodriquez 
"Now, I feel absolutely terrific. My throat and mouth pain have disappeared. I have no migraines or allergies and my sleep has greatly improved."

Lakelly Wallace
Seven weeks into the herb and I no longer suffer from the diabetes symptoms that had practically ruined my life. There are no more migraines, no more joint and knee pains, no more menstrual pain, no more rashes on my chest and no more seborrhea on my eyebrows. It is truly a miracle that you have given me.

Lindo Moloi
I am suffering from Parkinson disease for last 3 years. Effect of disease in left side; the disease was slowly progressing; I came in contact with Dr. Mitchell From The Natural Herbal Garden and he started treatment since Dec. 2015. Within 3 months of treatment stiffness and vibration in left hand side came under control and there is no side effect. I am grateful to The Natural Herbal Garden, wishing him all the best for curing patients suffering from this disease

Helen Paul
My deep appreciation for your treatment. I wish you can continue treat Parkinson patients and cure them from terrible disease. I am thankful to you for your remedies. I stop doctor`s medicine. I want to express thanks for your treatment for my Parkinson. I am feeling 80% better in 3 weeks

Judith Chan
My husband drank the herb tea 2 times a day for 40 days as he was diagnosed with Hepitatis B. It totally cured him and we have told so many people about it.

Emmanuel Ramos
Simply a short reply to say that my wife's Parkinson's two weeks ago came back as "normal". Good news. I like to think that six weeks of the supplements (especially Natural Herbal Garden Herb) had something to do with her favorable report! Many thanks. 

Ike David
I called you last November telling you about my son, he had been diagnosed HIV+. We started him on the Herb every day. I had him to take the Chaparral for one month. His viral load went from 45,000 to below 400. Anything under 400 is undetectable. We know he is not cured (yet) but he is doing very well. Thank you for all the work you do and may God bless you a thousand times over for what you have done for my family. The Herbology course I took has changed the way we look at life as well as our health.

Philip Webeck
Dear Natural Herbal Garden I spoke with you several years back regarding a friend diagnosed with liver cancer. You guyx told me to tell her not to panic and buy into the Western allopathic hype. I am happy to say she is fine to this day. They tell her the chemo did wonders. She never had chemo, only your advice and supplements, the largest of which was the Herb Tea.

Pula Christian
You are awesome and a friend for life, you are very sincere in what you do and always suggest what you think would be best. I will definitely be using you in the near future again cause you are one of those who always keep your promises. Thank you for everything and all that you have done. you're amazing**

Joseph Ashley
I am suffering from Parkinson since last 20 years. It became chronic but since I started your treatment I feel relief. I hope my progress will make me to live better life.

Tracy Levia
In the over ten months that we have ordered your products, we have never once had to return an item because of poor quality. I truthfully believe in the the Herb and believe that because of this product and the grace of God that I'm alive today despite some serious bouts with cancer and two major surgeries. I continue to enjoy good health (cancer/Parkinson's-free) at this time.

David Cook
I am suffering from Parkinson since last 15 years. I started your treatment in May 2015. I stopped chemical medicine .Only taking Ayurvedic medicine given by you. My walk became steady and I stopped shaking. My energy improved. I am 90%better. I am confident I will be cured by your herb and God's mercy.

Chitta Ranjan Ray
My sugar lever was recently low after i was diagnosed with diabetes months ago but thanks to The Natural Herbal Garden after using there herbal product it's completely a different story now i am so happy to recommend this to everyone out there.

Kathy Myers
My Mom is 72 and my dad is 81 they are very healthy but I started them on the Herb 1 once a day and they feel the difference already, they have taken the tea for 5 days now and they have so much energy.

Nancy Denzel
For those recently diagnosed with PD and ALS hope for you all - i was totally cured with herbal medicine from The Natural Herbal Garden medicine ...thanks to The Natural Herbal Garden ...

Lydia Gonzalez
I am very much delighted. To every viewers that is reading this,i want to inform the public i got cured from varicella-zoster Virus after taking the tea herb from The Natural Herbal Garden

linah Nyovest
from the beginning i knew that this could help me, and I began to follow the method from Green House Herbal Clinic and the results were wonderful for emphysema: I recommend you to get in contact with him

Sandra Montgomery
After 23 years of smoking and been diagonised with COPD i am happy to tell you i am no longer having shortage of breath and the ailment has been long gone thank you Green House herbal clinic you guys are wonderful

Joan Greg
My dad suffered from Parkinson's for 18 years and we traveled round the world from one hospital to another neurologist and spent thousands of dollars and even got scammed in this process of seeking a cure and the problem still persisted. He acted weird and aggressive and this was so scary. All thanks to Green House Herbal Clinic who was able to use there herbal medicine to cure him permanently. they are one of the Honest people out there.

Monica Biller
I thank you for all the work, research and care you put in your products! Over a year ago I was told that I had Parkinson's. I started taking your health vitamins tea 2 months ago! I went to the Dr a week ago and the disease is reversing itself! My Tremor on my hands are gone, i now have a good balance. and my blood pressure is perfect!! I am no longer on any prescription medications only on vitamins! Thank you for helping me get healthy and not give up on hope!!!

Mary Adams
"I recommend everyone to take this herb for what it is, and cure yourselves with this natural herb in the fight against diabetes. It would improve your life tremendously. I am now doing SO much better and have already recommended this product to couple of my friends."

Lara Obrien
Six weeks into the product and I no longer suffer from the diabetic symptoms that had practically ruined my life. There are no more migraines, no more joint and knee pains, no more menstrual pain, no more increased thirst and no more blurred vision It is truly a miracle that you have given me

Evelyn Chislett
After years of suffering from a hypothyroidism symptoms, going from doctor to doctor, with no light at the end of the tunnel, I finally got the relief I dreamed of after purchasing the hypothyroidism herbal product Thank you!!

Stacey Navas
Thank you for the quick delivery of our order this week. We could not get over it, Fed Ex was at our door, at 9:10 in the morning. Thank you for your information and quality products. My Dad has ordered from you for years. Recently, he had a health scare(he's 89) and I asked him what treatment he would use. His very definite answer, was" I'll stick with the Herbal Healer, I trust her and her products." That says it all for me, too. Thanks again and God bless.

Ben spears
I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am after taking my first bottle of CMO. Arthritis in my left foot was so bad that X ; Ray did not even show bones; just a white covering. I had limped along for 4 years. After 4 days of CMO I was beginning to get feeling back in my feet. After two weeks I had no more limp. Absolutely incredible product! I just placed another order and my wife will begin taking it. Thank you!

Thomas Smith
I was diagnosed with level 3 melanoma cancer in 1995. It metastasized to a gland in my forearm. It was confirmed at UCI Cancer clinic. Well, I was told that it was not a good thing, and that I need to prepare for a battle.I started the Natural Herbal Garden treatment. In six-eight weeks the tumor in my arm disappeared and became a scar ball. My immune system identified the cancer and killed it. I know this because when the doctors went in to remove the tumor and opened up the spot on my arm – this is what they found. I have been cancer free for almost 10 years now. Go figure….

Claudia Baker
Dear Natural Herbal Garden, "My Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in November 2005. And then there was no positive diagnosis for the future. I was told about the The Natural Herbal Garden-Herb tea by a friend whose husband also had Alzheimer's My Dad, 74 year ls old, has been drinking the tea 3 times a day and also taking Beta-Gluten 6 a day. 8 weeks later, his Alzheimer's is now in remission, he feels great and is very active. He still drinks the tea daily and takes the Beta Glucans." Thank You.

Michele Evan
I can never stop telling the world about you, your herbal remedy is really indeed genuine and effective.

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